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Tomi Owó’s musical consciousness began at a very young age. As a pre-teen, she derived joy from singing the harmonies to different songs with ease. She grew up in a family where music was a culture, a way to understand and express the many facets of life, and she dreamed of making her contributions through music one day. But that only began in 2015, when she decided to release one song a month, while working in corporate capacity. Her inborn affinity to the music of things was then translated to reality.

Growing up, she was also drawn to the arts, expressing this by writing personal poetry, doing some choreography, and singing often by herself. Joining the University choir was pivotal, as it was her first prolonged exposure to the rudimentaries of music. She was a quiet figure in the choir, however, she was a sponge, learning all she could. After graduation, she took music theory classes on the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) platform.

Tomi Owó believes music is a gift, and a channel through which we can tell our stories, support ideals, and appreciate the intricacies of life that we often let pass by. She writes from diverse influences, and her sound is mellow, albeit rich with eclectic vocal dynamics. Her genre is alternative and unafraid, a musical palette splashed with soul, pop, and afro-inspired sounds. Her musical influences cover classics, post 90’s Soul, and lots of more modern arrangements.

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